The steelhead awareness movement is a collective of two-handed rod enthusiasts who support wild fish and wild rivers. Through public awareness, fundraisers and sales of our products, we are raising money to donate to steelhead/salmon conservation groups in the northwest.

Our first Fundraising goal has been reached! 

we are proud to say that we recently donated $2,500.00 to the wild steelhead coalition! 

The next conservation group we are fundraising for is Save our wild salmon! Their efforts are focused on the  removal of the four dams on the lower snake river. The salmon, clearwater, snake and grand ronde are our home waters and removal of the dams would be a huge triumph for the fish and outdoor enthusiasts of the area!

So far we have donated $200.00 to save our wild salmon, but our ultimate goal is to reach $2500.00

We have also donated $150.00 To Steelheaders united

Please check out our shop page, buy a shirt, a hat or a sweatshirt and help us in the good-fight, to preserve and protect wild steelhead and salmon!