Idaho Fish and Game is about to make a horrible management decision.

Idaho department of fish and game is considering opening up the Clearwater to fall Chinook fishing upstream from Memorial Bridge in Lewiston this fall. This will lead to more fishing pressure on the already crowded clearwater river and will also most likely lead to bi-catch deaths of wild Steelhead. The return numbers of steelhead in the Snake river tributaries last year (2018) were piss poor at best and this year is looking even worse. Considering these low return years and an overall decline in Steelhead numbers, I don’t see how adding more pressure to the river, could be of any benefit to rivers health?

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Winter Steelheading tips from John Larison


This is a very interesting article by John Larison from Fly Fisherman's website on Nov 3rd, 2011. Larison breaks down techniques on how to fish different types of winter steelhead lies to effectively to produce a strike.